Wesley United Methodist Church
Monday, October 23, 2017
Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. - Worship at 11:00 a.m.

Who We Are

A Little Bit Of Our History 

In 1842 a group of Methodists from Mulberry Street United Church decided that there was a need for a Sunday School in an area known as Pumpkin Hollow. The seeds of our church today were planted in that attempt to meet the spiritual needs of the community.

Wesley is here today because of that Sunday School mission, which served Native Americans, traders, hunters, fishermen and their families. For a number of years the church met in houses in that area.

After a couple of moves and 14 years of meeting in a Presbyterian mission, the church built its own building and took the name Jones Chapel. The hand-cared pulpit from that church is still on display in the narthex. 

In 1904 a lot was purchased on Second Street and the church took the name Second Street United Methodist Church. The church thrived in that location for many years. It would not be until May of 1976 that the first service would be held on the present site. 

Over the past 171 years, our church has been located at 6 different places, in 7 different buildings, and has had 4 different names. We know that our past mobility has shaped us. Like Moses and the children of Israel in the desert, we have come to know that God is with us wherever we go. 

Wesley finds its identity not in a building or location, but in the people of faith gathered in community. For now God has called us to serve at our South Bibb location. We believe that God has many great things in store for us here, but we are always listening, for we know that God may call us again to move into yet another place where the Gospel must be proclaimed, modeled, and shared.